• Mr. Bell's Magnificent Ringing Machine

Grades: 5-12

Composers: Jill Gallina, Michael Gallina

Running Time: 40 minutes

About: Mr. Bell's Magnificent Ringing Machine is an upbeat, humorous and informative representation of both the early days of the telephone as well as our current infatuation with cell phones. Many of us believe the cell phone was the harbinger of high-speed communications; while in reality, it was the work of Alexander Graham Bell and his commitment to the needs of the deaf who virtually opened our ears to the wonderful world of the telephone. Given the fact that cell phones are so much a part of our daily lives, few of us pause to look back on events that brought us to this point in time. The format for this musical resembles a revue style production, giving the director a wide range of flexible casting and performance options. One or two of the scenes can be eliminated without altering the musical's structural integrity, allowing the director to easily control the scope and duration of the production. The musical contains seven songs arranged for 2-part voices and runs approximately 40 minutes. Whether presented by one class or an entire school, Mr. Bell's Magnificent Ringing Machine will thrill your audiences and provide the performers with an informative and memorable theatrical experience. Songs include: Grand Centennial Fair; His Name Rings a Bell; Long Distance, Please; Party Lines; Phone Sensation Store; We're All Connected; We're Perfect.

Kit Includes: Director's Manual, ShowTrax CD, 10 Student Scripts


Mr. Bell's Magnificent Ringing Machine

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