The Princess and the Pea    
A Traditional Tale Told Anew for Unison and 2-Part Voices
By Andy Beck and Brian Fisher

Grades: 4-10

Running Time: 45 minutes

About: Eager-to-wed Prince Nicholas narrates the story of a classic fairy tale kingdom anxious for his royal nuptials. But there's a problem ... overbearing Queen Minerva insists upon testing any girl who wants to marry her son, and not one is able to gain her approval. King Reginald loses his patience, the trusty Court Jester searches for the right bride, and an even-tempered chamber maid comforts her childhood friend, the Prince. Will Princess Cecily be up to the challenge? Or Griselda? Perhaps Princess Jillian can pass the big test. You won't believe the shocking ending to this tangled tale. An irresistible, traditional-sounding score and a witty script bring the satisfying story to life. Be sure to say "I do" to this traditional tale told anew.

Kit Includes: Director's Score, 10 Singer's Editions, ShowTrax CD

Song List: 

  • Prologue (All)
  • It's Time For A Wedding (All)
  • Where Is My Bride? (Prince)
  • We Heard You Need A Princess (Villagers)
  • Scene Change Music (Instrumental)
  • A Picture Perfect Bride (Gillian and Hannah)
  • A Picture Perfect Bride (Reprise) (Hannah)
  • It's The Little Things (King and Queen)
  • It's Time For A Wedding (Reprise) (All)
  • The Big Test (King and Queen)
  • Happily Ever After (All)

Basic Details
Perfect For:
  • Middle Schools
  • High Schools
  • Community Theatre
  • Small Theatres
  • Large Theatres
  • Summer Programs
Cast List:
  • Prince Nicholas: The eager-to-wed heir to the royal throne. He narrates the story with great enthusiasm because he has a personal interest in its outcome. Handsomely dressed in medieval princely attire.
  • King Reginald: A confident ruler. He successfully runs the entire kingdom, but struggles to manage his own family. Wears a traditional regal cape and crown.
  • Queen Minerva: A comic queen. In her attempt to make everything perfect, she has become an overbearing mother, a bossy wife, and a domineering diva. Dressed elegantly in a royal robe and bejeweled crown.
  • Jester: The energetic best friend of the Prince. A consummate joker who loves to laugh. Colorfully dressed in a harlequin's tunic, tights, and an exaggerated hat.
  • Hannah: Soft-spoken chambermaid. Sweet, kind, considerate - especially where Prince Nicholas is concerned. Even though she wears a plain dress, work pinafore, and a drab headscarf over her short hair, she radiates beauty.
  • Princess Cecily: A common princess. Dressed in a royal wedding gown with a train and a veil. She carries a bridal bouquet that will be passed from bride to bride.
  • Minister: The royal clergy man or woman, dressed in traditional ritual vestments. He/she is authoritative and speaks with a booming voice.
  • Second Bride: Another common princess, wearing a wedding gown with a train and veil. At first she tries to hide her poison ivy, but eventually she can't fight the urge to scratch.
  • Griselda: Yet another common princess, dressed in a wedding gown with a train and veil.
  • Gillian: A beautiful princess with an outrageous laugh. Her stylish dress, flowing locks of hair, and sparkling jewelry can't disguise her simple, self-obsessed personality. These character flaws prove to be amusing and comedic, but never mean-spirited. Changes to a disheveled bridal gown with veil, train, and mismatched shoes for her wedding song #9. Optional - wears a long white nightgown and robe for the guest chambers scene and song #6.
  • Guest/Villagers: Any number of additional people who attend the weddings and gather at the castle for "We Heard You Need A Princess." They portray various family members (father, mother, sister, brother, etc.) and village stereotypes (baker, banker, student, farmer, etc.). Could wear medieval casual/work clothes for "We Hear You Need A Princess" and formal attire for the weddings, or just one outfit for all scenes. Optional - guests and villagers may be played by two different groups of people.

The Princess and the Pea

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