Grades: 4-12

Running Time: 35 minutes

About: The epic story of The Wright Brothers and their flying machine comes to life in modern day rap, song and narration. Your cast and crew are going to love the cutting edge feel to this hip-hop style musical about two of America's true heroic figures that will speak to cast and audience for today. Told by a group of intrepid reporters who are tailing the inventors, we discover that, as incredible as Orville and Wilbur's feat of inventing the first successful airplane was, the real lesson may well be the example they demonstrated by building their future and dreams on higher ground, and setting their sights up and not down. Right? Wright! This 35-minute musical features five original songs with connecting script and a flexible cast of newspaper reporters and rapping reporters.

Kit includes: 1 Director's Book, downloadable performance and accompaniment music, and 20 Libretto/Vocal Books  

Graphics Package Now Available!
PDF, SVG and PNG Graphics of the show logo and more!!

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Wright! Celebrate the Beginning of Flight from Matt Christopherson on Vimeo.

Basic Details
Special Notes:

Option #1: You could perform this musical as it is performed on the recording - without the set up scenes of dialog. This would make the musical about 20 minutes long and hits the high points of the Wright Brothers story.

Option #2: Perform the musical as it was designed with scenes of dialog, mostly handled by a handful! of newspaper reporters. These reporters give a greater depth of drama and information to the story. If you have time, this is the option we writers prefer as it tells a more complete story and gives more cast members an opportunity to shine. 

Cast List:
  • Orville Wright
  • Wilbur Wright
  • Katharine Wright (their sister)
  • Bishop Wright (their father)
  • A Newspaper Boy
  • Newspaper Reporters (5)
  • Acting reporters & Rapping reporters (can double)
  • Ensemble of townspeople, onlookers, etc.

Wright! Celebrate the Beginning of Flight

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  • $129.99


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