Seven children-shepherds are watching their sheep for their parents, who have gone into Bethlehem for the census and tax. During their tending, a light rain falls and a rainbow appears- only this rainbow is alive! It turns out that the color stands for a different promise God has extended to His people. This time, the rainbow is especially beaming because the angels know a secret- the secret that God's promised Son, Jesus, the Messiah, is to be born this night. They keep dropping clues but they won't tell the children-shepherds about the special promise to be fulfilled. That night, when the white angel appears announcing the birth of Christ, the secret is understood. Everyone gathers at the manger to celebrate the birth of Jesus, God's son.

Kit Includes: Singer Edition, Director's Edition & CD

Also Available: Bulletin Insert (for your audience to join in)

God's Rainbow Promises Of Christmas

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