• Silent Night: The Birth of a Carol

Travel back to Christmas Eve, 1818 and a small Austrian church nestled in the Alps…where the beloved carol Silent Night was born. Mice have made a shambles of the organ creating quite a problem for Pastor Joseph Mohr and Franz Gruber, the church organist. There’s a happy ending, however, in this 17-minute musical which is based on the true story of Silent Night. Six songs and an assortment of delightful characters comprise this easy to prepare and present musical which is created to ensure success for children’s choirs large or small.

Kit Contains: Choral vocal score with piano accompaniment plus InstruTrax recording.  Contains reproducible singer’s pages plus drama and/or narration.

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Basic Details
Costume & Set Pieces: The entire action takes pace inside St. Nicholas Church, Oberndorf. Austria, in the Austrian Alps on Christmas Eve, 1818.
Cast List:
  • Herr Franz Gruber: Organist/Choirmaster of the church. (Dressed in typical street clothes of the period.) 
  • 'Pastor Mohr: Pastor of St. Nicholas Church, Oberndorf, Austria. (Dressed as a minister or a priest with a clerical collar.) 
  • Hilda: The devoted church cleaning lady. (Dressed in peasant clothes with an apron, carrying a feather duster, ) 
  • Karl: The organ repairman. (Dressed as a workman, wearing a belt around his waist from which several tools an. hanging.) 
  • Hickory, Dickory, Three mice. and Dock: (Thrssed in mouse costumes, complete with tails.) 
  • Chorus:  There are 19 speaking parts for chorus members. Speaking parts may be doubled up or divided depending on number of participants. (Dressed in typical alpine dress. ) 
Song List:
  • Church Bells
  • Antiphonal Gloria
  • Song of the Gleeful Mice
  • Tyrolean Street Carol
  • The Christmas Band
  • Herr Gruber’s Carol
  • Silent Night, Holy Night
  • Silent Night, Holy Night (Reprise)
  • Church Bells (Reprise)

Silent Night: The Birth of a Carol

    A Musical for Young Voices
    By Hal H. Hopson

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