Grades: 4-8

Running Time: 35 minutes

About: Enjoy the excitement, drama, majesty and thrill of this ageless story where pumpkins become elegant coaches, mice become men, and rags turn to riches with the wave of a wand! Once Upon a Dream: The Classic Story of Cinderella presents the charming fairytale as you have never seen it before...with fresh, uplifting songs and a whole cast of delightful new characters surrounding the story of Cinderella and dreams that do come true. This 35-minute musical offers many opportunities for students to act and dance with easy speaking roles for both boys and girls; written to be easily performed by small or large groups for maximum success whether you're performing on a stage, in a gym or on risers. The “mega-mix” medley of all the songs brings new excitement to the finale of this great show. It will truly be an unforgettable experience for your school and community. 

eKIT Contains: Script, Director Guide, Performance & Accompaniment Music, Graphics Package

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Special Notes:

Relive the excitement, the majesty and the thrills of those glorious bygone days when pumpkins became elegant coaches, mice became men, and rags turned into riches with the flick of a wand. This is the classic story of Cinderella with fresh and exciting songs that will carry you to a world of wicked stepsisters, a bumbling fairy godmother, a handsome prince and a cast of delightful new characters. Be creative as you take your students and audience on a magical journey with your production of Once Upon A Dream! 

- Dave and Jean Perry 

Cast List:
  • Narrators: Two or more students, may be different actors for each scene. May sing with the chorus. Cinderella: A sweet, caring, honest girl who dreams of a better day. Four solos. 
  • Stepmother: A bossy, overbearing lady who is ill-mannered. Two ensemble songs. 
  • Esmerelda: Stepsister; pushy, spoiled girl. Two solos, two ensemble songs. 
  • Parmelia: Stepsister; whining, devious girl. Two solos, two ensemble songs. 
  • King's Courtier #1: A proper, nose-in-the-air boy or girl. Two ensemble songs. 
  • King's Courtier #2: A proper, disciplined boy or girl. Two ensemble songs. 
  • King's Courtier #3: Youngest of the messengers; tries to be like the other two, but is inexperienced 
  • and fumbles around: boy or girl. Two ensemble songs. 
  • Juliet: Young girl, Cinderella's age; a bit of a leader. Chorus songs. 
  • Bess: Young girl, Cinderella's age; sweet and curious. Chorus songs. 
  • Eleanor: Young girl, Cinderella's age; very interested in boys. Chorus songs. 
  • Anne: Young girl, Cinderella's age; emotional. Chorus songs. 
  • Margaret: Young girl, Cinderella's age; practical. Chorus songs. 
  • William: Young man, Cinderella's age; a leader. Chorus songs. 
  • Richard: Young man, Cinderella's age; practical. Chorus songs. 
  • John: Young man, Cinderella's age; critical. Chorus songs. 
  • Robert: Young man, Cinderella's age; sympathetic. Chorus songs. 
  • Fairy Godmother: A disorganized, absent-minded, mjddle-aged magical lady. One solo, three 
  • ensemble songs. 
  • Footman: Very proper; good etiquette; boy. One solo, three ensemble songs. 
  • Coachman #1: Excitable, spontaneous -boy or girl. Three ensemble songs. 
  • Coachman #2: A little brash; not as reserved as the others -boy or girl. Three ensemble songs. 
  • Court Herald: Boy or girl. Carries a staff to tap the floor when announcing the arrival of guests. 
  • Chorus songs. 
  • King: An older character; kind and noble. Solo and chorus songs. 
  • Queen: Older; matronly and regal. Solo and chorus songs. 
  • Prince: A polite, well-mannered, dignified boy of royal birth. One ensemble song, chorus songs. 
  • 2 Waiters: Boys or girls, proper and dignified. Chorus songs. No speaking. 
  • Townspeople and Party-goers: Boys and girls. Chorus songs. No speaking. 
Song List:

Scene 1: Village Square

  • Cinderella - Introduction (Townspeople) 

Scene 2: Cinderella's Home 

  • Me (Stepsisters)
  • Cinderella (Townspeople) 
  • In My Dreams (Cinderella) 
  • Going to the Ball (Fairy Godmother, Cinderella, Footman, 2 Coachmen

Scene 3: Palace Ball 

  • Grand Waltz (lnstrumental)
  • Midnight (Townspeople)

Scene 4: Village 

  • The Prince Is Corning to Town (Townspeople and Party-goers) 

Scene 5: Cinderella's Home 

  • If the Shoe Fits (King's Courtiers) 
  • In My Dreams - Reprise  (Cinderella, Fairy Godmother, Footman, Coachmen, Prince, Stepsisters, Stepmother)
  • Mix (Cast) 

  • Grand Waltz Exit Music (Instrumental)

Once Upon a Dream The Classic Story of Cinderella [eKIT]

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