• Lysistrata Jones: Varsity Edition

Lysistrata Jones: Varsity Edition

Book by Douglas Carter Beane

Music by Lewis Flinn

Varsity Edition by Joseph Ferriero

Grades: 9-12

Running Time: 120 minutes

About: Lyssie J. and her girl-power posse won’t go out with their high school basketball playing boyfriends until they win a game—and ultimately find that absence truly does make the heart grow fonder! With its infectious original score and a hysterical book from three-time Tony® nominated playwright Douglas Carter Beane (The Little Dog Laughed, Sister Act), and composer and lyricist Lewis Flinn (The Divine Sister, Robin Hood), Lysistrata Jones will add fun to any high school theater!   This version of the Tony® Nominated show will be adapted for use in High Schools.

Kit includes: TBD

Visit LysistrataJones.com for more information about the show!

  • Keyboard I (Conductor, Backup Vocal)
  • Keyboard II
  • Drums
  • Percussion
  • Auxiliary Percussion & Backup Vocal
  • Guitar
  • Electric Bass
Song List:

Act I

1. Opening: Right Now – Hetaira & Company

2. Party Time: Right Now – Hetaira & Company

2a. “Just Once” – Lysistrata & Robin

3. “Change The World” – Hetaira & Girls

4. “Sex Jihad” (Transition) – Hetaira

5. “No More Givin’ It Up” – Girls

6. Xander Moves – Band

7. “Tsunami Transition” – Hetaira

8. “Lay Low” – Mick & Guys

9. Hetaira Entrance – Hetaira

10. “I Don’t Think So” – Hetaira & Girls

11. I Don’t Think So (Ballet) – Company

11a. Cheerleader Entrance – Band

12. You Go Your Way – Company

13. “Where Am I Now” – Lysistrata

Act II

14. “The Writing On The Wall” – Hetaira & Company

14a. “Where Am I Now” (Transition)– Lysistrata

15. “Hold On” – Xander, Lysistrata, & Hetaira

16. “Don’t You Know” (Transition I) – Hetaira

17. Don’t You Know (Transition II) – Band

18. Don’t You Know (Transition III) – Band

19. “Don’t Judge A Book” – Myrrhine & Cinesias

20. “Transition After Don’t Judge” – Hetaira

21. Lampito Underscore – Band

22. “Right Now” (Operetta) – Company

23. Operetta Playoff – Band

24. “When She Smiles” – Mick

25. When She Smiles — Walk Off – Band

26. Reprise: “Hold On” – Hetaira & Lysistrata

27. Final Game: “Hold On” – Company

27a. Lysistrata Enters – Hetaira

27b. Point Deduction – Band

28. Reprise: “You Go Your Way”– Company

29. Finale: “Give It Up”– Company

30. Curtain Call – Company

31. Exit Music (Band) – Band

  • 2019: Plays in Morris, Morris, MN (Pilot Production)

Lysistrata Jones: Varsity Edition

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