Grades: 1-5 (with opportunities for all grade levels).

Running Time: 35 minutes

About: Come on, dudes and dudettes! Join us for a rollicking western adventure - ride the open range, have a rough 'n' tumble hootenanny, share a tale and a song or two, and sleep under the stars. This 35-minute musical adventure features seven songs with rhyming narration and 39 speaking parts adaptable to various cast sizes.

Songs include: Yee-Haw, Home on the Range in Montana, Giddy-Up, The Cowboy Code, Billy the Bad, Under the Stars, Until We Meet Again.

Kit Includes: Director's Book (includes piano/vocal arrangements with choreography, script, helpful production guide and digital access to PDFs of singer songsheets, lyric sheets and narrations)digital access to performance/accompaniment audio recordings. [The dialog is not recorded]

   A Performance/Accompaniment CD is available separately as an add on. 

Basic Details
Perfect For:
  • Schools
  • Summer Camps
  • Educational Programs
  • Concerts
Costume & Set Pieces:


One of the great things about YEE-HAW is the ease of costuming. Simple guidelines should make this a breeze, with little sewing or hot glue involved. Your parents will be so grateful! Of course, Western costumes tend to employ lots of props — hats, ropes, guns (yikes!), mustaches, badges — which can be very distracting to young singers. Make sure to communicate clearly to parents what you would prefer to not see on stage. Even if you just allow hats, any props are challenging with younger performers, so establish do's and don'ts from the very beginning. It would be a great idea to have your students rehearse with their hats several weeks prior to performance to establish the rules, and identify any problems with them falling off heads! It's fun if Uncle Jed, Gram & Gramps, and the rest of the family in the opening song are dressed in silly eccentric costumes — just hats or wigs to make them distinctive that they can throw to the side after they do the crossover. 


The setting can be simple or spectacular. A whole corral of kiddos wearing boots and bandanas is more than enough to make your production visually engaging, but if you want to kick it up a notch, here are a few ideas to get you started.
• Instead of an existing curtain: consider creating a patchwork backdrop out of leftover fabric scraps or small blankets to give a folksy look. You might use pins or crude stitching. Burlap is also a wonderful and inexpensive option for a rustic setting.
• If you have a cyclorama on your stage, you can light it sky blue — hang a foam sunshine cut-out and prop up a cactus and you're in business. If you hang a sun, you might want to consider trading it for a moon toward the end of the show.
• Little strings of twinkle lights make just about everything more special. If you have the ability to drape several strands above the heads of the children and light them for their "Under the Stars" song, even a gymnasium will be magical.
• If you have a source for hay bales, they make a wonderful addition to the sides of your set and can create vignettes for some of your cast to gather 'round and sit upon — in particular. your "Billy the Bad" narrator. Consider dressing these vignettes with other available props and antiques — ropes. washboards, butter churn, saddle bags, etc. NOTE: Depending on your source for hay bales. they often arrive smelling like the pasture from which they came. Allow them some time to air out or your audience might not appreciate the authenticity you have dedicated to the production. Don't say we didn't warn you!
• Even the novice carpenter could build you several stand-alone fences out of 2x4 planks. These would create nice atmosphere, but also would be a great place for the kids to "tie up" their horses, ready to be used in the "Giddy-Up.' song. 


Even in the most innocent circumstances, some school communities will have trepidation about students pulling "pistols" from their imaginary holsters and shooting them in the air. If this is the case in your school, please discuss it with your school's administration to avoid any uncomfortable situations. You could easily substitute clapping or skipping for any motions in question. 

Cast List:

There are 39 individual speaking lines in the show for the narrators.  These can be given to a different student or doubled as needed.

Yee-Haw! A Rollicking Western Adventure

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