• Hawaiian Beach Party

Celebrate the boundless beauty of Hawai?i with this delightful 30-minute presentation. Hosted by Principal Peterson and Kumu Leilani, our cultural guide, the kids (any number) at this party not only sing and dance to several Hawaiian hit songs, they also learn about the traditions, beliefs, and language of the land. Complete production notes, created with the help of Hawaiian experts, ensure that your simple staging, costuming, and decor are both effective and authentic. Accompaniment tracks feature plenty of ukulele, steel guitar, and live percussion on a playlist that includes popular hula selections, hapa-haole songs, arrangements inspired by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole, a rockin' version of "Wipe Out!," and more! 

Grades: 3+

Running Time: 30 minutes

Kit Includes: Teacher/Director Handbook, Online PDF, Online Audio

Optional Materials: Enhanced CD, Graphics Package

Cast List:
  • Principal Peterson: The fun loving school principal and an excellent party host. Dressed in khakis and a brightly colored Hawaiian shirt. Carries an ‘ukulele, which he plays (or pretends to play) in “Over the Rainbow.”
  • Miss Leilani: The school librarian, who grew up in Hawai‘i. She’s an informed resource and a wonderful co-host. Wears a colorful beach dress. Optional solos in “Count on Me” and “White Sandy Beach.”
  • Students: Spoken lines for 28 students could be combined (for a smaller cast) or split up (to feature many more). Any number of additional students may participate throughout. All are dressed in bright colors and patterns. Optionally, flower lei may be distributed during “What a Wonderful World,” sunglasses could be added for “Wipeout,” and seven students might have silk scarves hidden in a pocket until “Over the Rainbow.” You may be tempted by grass skirts, which are sometimes worn by Hawaiians, even though they originated in Tahiti. In general, avoid costuming with stereotypical looks. Instead, invite a cultural expert to advise your cast about appropriate and respectful attire. To keep it simple, colorful beachwear would be a blast

Hawaiian Beach Party

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