• War Paint

War Paint

Vocal Selections

Composer: Scott Frankel

Author: Michael Korie

The careers and rivalry of entrepreneurs Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein is the centerprice of this 2017 Broadway musical based on the 2004 book of the same name by Lindy Woodhead. Our vocal selections feature 13 songs in vocal lines with piano accompaniment penned by Scott Frankel and Michael Korie: Back on Top • Beauty in the World • Behind the Red Door • Better Yourself • Dinosaurs • Face to Face • Fire & Ice • Forever Beautiful • If I'd Been a Man • Inside of the Jar • My American Moment • Now You Know • Pink.

Song List:
  • Back On Top (from WAR PAINT)
  • Beauty In The World (from WAR PAINT)
  • Behind The Red Door (from WAR PAINT)
  • Better Yourself (from WAR PAINT)
  • Dinosaurs (from WAR PAINT)
  • Face To Face (from WAR PAINT)
  • Fire & Ice (from WAR PAINT)
  • Forever Beautiful (from WAR PAINT)
  • If I'd Been A Man (from WAR PAINT)
  • Inside Of The Jar (from WAR PAINT)
  • My American Moment (from WAR PAINT)
  • Now You Know (from WAR PAINT)
  • Pink (from WAR PAINT)

War Paint

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