• Mighty Minds! A Musical That Makes Learning Fun!

Grades: 2-5

Running Time: 20 minutes

About: The students are in a panic! It's time for testing! The teacher needs help fast, and there's only one thing to do. “Hello, Mighty Minds? Come quick!” In a whirlwind of action, the cape-clad Mighty Minds race to the rescue with clever dialog and songs that help the students get fired up about learning. Discover how reading can be F! U! N!; how a little “Conga Math” can solve problems; how knowledge is power! This 20-minute musical for Grades 2-5 is packed with learning fun and a castload of parts for everyone to get involved. Add John Jacobson's choreography and Mark Brymer's heroic orchestration for learning that will last long after the curtain closes! Includes 6 original songs. 

Kit Includes: Teacher Edition, Reproducible Pak (vocals, lyric sheets, dialog), Performance/Accompaniment CD

Mighty Minds! A Musical That Makes Learning Fun!

    This show is discontinued!

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