Welcome to the Twisted Plays Perusal Program Page!  It's simple to take our musicals for a TEST DRIVE ...

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Start by visitng our website and searching for musicals that fit your need.  You can search by age, topic or length.

visit twistedplays.com/shop or musicals4schools.com to search now!

Order perusal copies

You can order perusals (reading copies) of any of our musicals.  Come back to this page and click on order perusals above to get started.

Take time ... read and listen

We will send you a libretto (script) and either a CD of the music or a piano/vocal score for each perusal you order.  Read the script and listen to the music.  It will make your decision easy!

Choose a show

Hopefully you like one of the shows.  Now you can order the full kit -- the best part?  You can return any unwanted perusals to us to get a credit.  You will receive a full credit for any perusals that are in new or like-new condition.


The Twisted Plays/Musicals-4-Schools Musical Perusal Program is the perfect way for you to preview our musicals and select which one you want to produce! Each perusal order includes a preview of the script and music (in either CD or Piano/Vocal Score). We charge a $20 fee per musical. If you return your materials we will provide you with a $20 coupon to use on your musical order! You can keep your perusal package if you'd like, but you will not receive the coupon. Perusal materials must be returned in a new/like-new condition in order to receive full credit. You will not receive credit for any materials returned not in reusable condition. Perusal materials should be returned within 45 days in order to be considered returnable.

Once you've decide which musical to produce you can place your order online or contact your Twisted Rep. Keep in mind that you will need to purchase a full musical kit for the musical you which to produce. You can not use any perusal material to produce a musical. Twisted Plays requires that you follow Federal Copyright Laws which require a full kit be purchased.

Order Perusals


  • Read the full show - not just a sample
  • Listen to the entire score on CD (or play it using a piano/vocal score)
  • Share the perusal with your collegues.  Pass around the libretto and CD so everyone on your team can help make the decision.
  • Return anything you don't want to keep!  Or keep them all for your collection.