Twisted Reward Points

 Welcome to the Twisted Reward Points information page!

 When you shop at Twisted Plays or at Musicals-4-Schools you earn Twisted Reward Points on qualifying purchases that can be used for products!
 See below for more information on how to earn and use Twisted Reward Points!

The Twisted Reward Points Program is simple - you order and earn points!  Points are added to your account by your Twisted Rep upon completion of your order.  You can earn points from your orders at Twisted Plays or Musicals 4 Schools - your balance will appear on BOTH sites and can be used on BOTH sites!!

Here's how you earn points ...

  1. First Order - we'll give you 2 points for your first order!
  2. Every Order - you get 1 point for every order you make.
  3. Musical Kit - earn 2 points for every musical kit you order
  4. Instruments* - purchase an instrument or a kit containing an instrument and earn 3 points!!
  5. Song Books* - purchase more than one song book on an order and earn 3 points!!

*these products may only be available at Twisted Plays and not Musicals4Schools.

You can spend points on any items that has a point value.  Look through our catalog to find items that have a point value on them.  Items with a price in reward points can be purchase online using the points in your account.  

You can check your  point balance online in your account or click here.