Audition Video Series

Along with Theatre L'Homme Dieu, Twisted Plays is proud to co-Produce a new video series on auditions with actor, Greta Grosch.  Check out the series below.  New episodes will be added soon.

The full series will be on Theatre L'Homme Dieu's YouTube Channel - click here.  New episodes every Friday from August 9-September 6!

Episode 1

Auditions: What You Need

Join actor Greta Grosch as she talks about what you need when you go on a professional acting audition.

Episode 2

Auditions: What? Where?

Join Greta Grosch as she talks all about what auditions are and where to find them.

Episode 3

Auditions: Monologues, Sides & More

In this episode Greta talks all about what monologues are and where to find them, plus what sides are and how to do dry readings.

Episode 4

Auditions: Getting a Job

What happens when you finally get a job. Greta talks about being prepared for that new job.

Episode 5

Auditions: Nuts & Bolts of Theatre

Greta has some final thoughts and information to share with you about theatre and auditioning.