Licensing Policy

Please check the category of the school you would like to license:


Plays are licensed through Junior Drama.  Visit for information.


The sale/purchase of our musical performance packages does not constitute any express or implied license to perform, videotape, record or duplicate (including by means of photocopying) the copyrighted material contained in the pack.  However, non-profit organizations (including schools) purchasing a complete pack shall be deemed to have been granted the nontransferable right to perform that material live and in public.  To licence and other rights you must contact the proper copyright holder.  You may contact Twisted Plays to help you arrange other performance/licensing rights to any of the musicals that we carry.


 Due to the fact that "grandrights" must be obtained for licensing and performance of Junior Shows, certain restrictions do apply. Performances must be done by accredited schools using students in Grade 9 or under only. High schools with students older than ninth grade must contact Music Theater International directly. Sorry, orders cannot be processed for Community Theatres, Children's Theatres or Performing Arts schools which do not have an academic curriculum. Your purchase price includes the materials in the showkit plus unlimited performing rights for one year. Upon placing your order, you will receive a performance rights license from Hal Leonard Corporation. After the completed license is returned to Hal Leonard, they will send out the complete Showkit (non-returnable). Twisted Plays will then send you an invoice for the material. Products may be sold only in the United States and Canada.


The Twisted Plays/Musicals-4-Schools Musical Perusal Program is the perfect way for you to preview our musicals and select which one you want to produce!  Each perusal order includes a preview of the script and music (in either CD or Piano/Vocal Score).  We charge a $20 fee per musical.  If you return your materials we will provide you with a $20 coupon to use on your musical order!  You can keep your perusal package if you'd like, but you will not receive the coupon.  Perusal materials must be returned in a new/like-new condition in order to receive full credit.  You will not receive credit for any materials returned not in reusable condition.  Perusal materials should be returned within 45 days in order to be considered returnable.

Once you've decide which musical to produce you can place your order online or contact your Twisted Rep.  Keep in mind that you will need to purchase a full musical kit for the musical you which to produce.  You can not use any perusal material to produce a musical.  Twisted Plays requires that you follow Federal Copyright Laws which require a full kit be purchased.

To order a perusal - click here.


Twisted Plays does not license ANY play scripts, musical librettos or screenplays in this category.  You must contact the author or copyright holder of these properties for proper licensing.


Twisted Plays does not license any material in our song books category.   You must contact the author or copyright holder of these properties for proper licensing.


Please contact Twisted Plays about performance rights to any other product offered in our catalog or you may contact the author or copyright holder of these properties.

We can bill any organization with a legitimate business address and phone number. All others, including businesses run out of a home, must prepay for all material and royalties. You can pay via PayPal or by check.
Currently the law only requires us to collect sales tax on those customers in New Jersey for whom we do not have a tax-exempt number on file.  Please be aware that this is not a company policy but simply our compliance with state and federal laws, which may change at any time.


There is no return policy.  This means that once your purchase our production costs (scripts, licensing fees, etc.) you are required to keep them.  If you have extreme circumstance and require a return please be aware that any returns received may be refused or subjected to a 20% restocking fee in addition to original shipping charges.  Damaged properties will not be allowed a refund.  Handling returns is very labor intensive and costly for a company. If we allowed returns as a standard practice, we would have to raise all of our prices to compensate for this added expense.
Since we are an American company, all our prices are in US Dollars. Likewise, we only bill in US funds. We strongly prefer that our international customers pay in US Dollars.  If you cannot pay in US Dollars, please obtain the most current conversion rate to calculate your payment. We won’t worry if the exchange rate changes by a small amount before we receive your payment as long as you have made an honest attempt to pay an accurate equivalent.  Please remember that international customers are responsible for their own brokerage, duties and taxes.