• I Feel A Song Comin' On

Grades: 7-Adult

Running Time: 60+ minutes

About: A group of friends are planning a fundraising cabaret concert when suddenly a big storm hits and they are stuck at home.  Can the show still go on? 

Meant to be performed live in a theatre or virtually, this new musical is perfect for groups with limited rehearsal time and limited space ... heck, even no space at all.

Kit includes: Downloadable script, music, tracks


  • $35.00 for the kit
  • $30.00 per public performance
  • $45.00 for online performance*
  • $45.00 for video license

*during the COVID-19 crisis we are offering this show for "pay what you can".  Please contact Danielle - danielle@twistedplays.com

Listen to a song from the show ... I'm Sorry


To listen to ALL of the songs - click on 'More Info' above.

Grant Available!

Many of you have lost much needed funds - we want to help!  We're offering up to $1000 for non-profits that produce our new musical "I Feel A Song Comin' On".  All you need to do is license the show and apply for the grant*.  


*You can apply for the grant prior to getting a license.  You are still required to pay the proper licensing fees.


Scene 1: The director sends out a video message to the group that the show has been cancelled due to a major storm.  The governor has issued a stay-at-home order.

Scene 2: Stage Manager sends out a message that she’s missing several props from the show and hopes that the actors didn’t take them home!

Scene 3: Beth and Mike are on a video conference about the show and how they needed to raise the money for the new lighting equipment at the theatre.  They decide that the cast can perform the show via the internet.

   #1 Steve Jobs World ….. Beth & Mike

Scene 4: Chris is very excited about the idea of the online show! He wants to include his new song about the Coffee Shop that he’s written.

Scene 5: The show’s writer, Karen, has already written all of the songs for the show and doesn’t want to add any new songs.

   #2 My Music ….. Karen

Scene 6: James and Michele video call about letting Chris sing, among other things.

Scene 7: The stage manager is requesting that people message and tell her where the missing props are!  She thinks she saw one of them in the background of Chris’ video.

Scene 8: Dana, the choreographer, wants everyone to get warmed up and ready to dance.

   #3 I Love to Sweat ….. Dana & The Company

Scene 9: Max, the lighting designer, sends out a quick clip thanking everyone for wanting to raise the money for new lights.

Scene 10: Gabe sings his song the he wrote dedicated to Michele, whom he is in love with, despite their age difference.

   #4 I’m Sorry ….. Gabe

Scene 11: Pam and Pat rehearse their number for the show.

   #5 Kiss In Multiples ….. Pam & Pat

Scene 12: Chris begs Karen to let him sing the song he wrote.

Scene 13: The director is ready for the show to go live on the air and begins the live stream.

Scene 14: James logs on and tell everyone he is sick and can’t sing his song.  No one else has rehearsed it since it was a solo.

Scene 15: Karen finally agrees to let Chris sing his song for the live concert.

Scene 16: Chris sings!

   #6 The Coffee Shop ….. Chris

Scene 17: The director wraps up the show as the company sings the final song.

   #7 I Feel A Song Comin’ On ….. Company

Basic Details
Time Period:


Costume & Set Pieces:

When performing the show remotely it helps to have the actors record themselves on phones or cameras and send them to one editor to edit them together.  In scenes where two or more actors share a scene, these can be recorded as a ‘web-meeting’.  You can use programs like Google Hangouts and record your screen or record separately and cut back and forth for the lines (if you have a good video editor!).

When performing on a live stage the settings can easily be set up as the following:

Scene 1, 13: Director’s Office: A simple desk and chair, musical posters, scripts on shelves.  He has a lizard in his office.

Scene 2, 7: Stage Manager’s office: black walls, tape, clipboards

Scene 3, 4, 6, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16: Actors can be in their living rooms, kitchens or bedrooms

Scene 5, 15: Karen can be at a piano at home

Scene 8: Dana is in her living room with furniture pushed aside

Scene 9: Max should be sitting in a WELL-LIT room

Scene 17: Everyone is at their respective locations

Special Notes:

The show is meant to be performed either on a stage live (like a traditional musical) or remotely.  

Total Cast:

13 (ensemble is possible)

Cast List:

Actors from the show:

  • Beth
  • Mike
  • Chris
  • James
  • Michele
  • Gabe ….. young boy (must be the youngest in the cast)
  • Pat
  • Pam

Members of the Crew/Creatives

  • Jo ….. the director
  • Dana ….. the choreographer
  • Karen ….. the composer
  • Max ….. lighting designer
  • Joanna ….. stage manager


Downloadable music

Song List:
  • 2020: CAST Children's Theatre, Manchester, CT
  • 2020: West Hudson Arts & Theatre Co, Kearny, NJ
  • 2021: Plays in Morris, Morris, MN 
  • 2020: Newington Children's Theatre Company, Newington, CT

I Feel A Song Comin' On

    Release Date: April 17, 2020

    Grant Available: Up to $1000

  • Author: Karen Sokolof Javitch
  • Product Code: IFEEL
  • $35.00