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Grades: 1-6

Running Time: 35 minutes

About: 'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a...wait a minute!?! What's going on here - Mom's running pass plays in the kitchen, Sis is doing her best Martha Stewart imitation, Dad and the Uncles are taking root in front of the TV, and the kids are hmmmm??? Take a light-hearted look at Christmas in the typical American household with clever songs, hilarious antics and a full-evening of entertainment that will leave your audience in stitches!   

eKit includes: Teachers/Directors guide, Digital Music Files



Basic Details
  • Large Cast
  • Doubling Possible
  • Expandable Casting
Perfect For:
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • Community Theatre
  • Educational Programs
Time Period:

Modern times

Costume & Set Pieces:


Costumes can he as involved as you want them to be.  The director's guide has full costume suggestions for each character in the show.


The musical takes place in your home. Depending on how elaborate you want to he. you could decorate with teal furniture, a couch, a kitchen table and chairs. a dining room table, etc. More realistically. you are going to have most of the performers on risers near the back of the stage with some open room downstage in order to act out some of the numbers with fewer cast members. It would be great to have a big arm chair on either side of the stage for the narrator to read from, although you could substitute a podium if he feels more comfortable there. It is intended to appear as though he is reading the audience a story in the parlor before they are hustled off to bed on Christmas Eve. Obvious decorations would include Christmas lights, a Christmas tree, stockings hung over a fireplace. presents. wreaths. etc.

Director's guide has extensive set notes.

Special Notes:

There are choreography and staging suggestions throughout the score as well. These are for you to use, adapt or ignore as you see fit.

Cast List:
  • The Narrator: (alias CC. which stands for Clement Clark Moore) The writer of the original classic poem. “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.” 
  • The Mouse: This is a one shot appearance to set up the humor at the beginning of the show. 
  • Two workmen: These arc caricatures of workmen
  • Children: Most of the cast is playing themselves, excited children both thrilled with and tilled with eager anticipation of Christmas. 
  • Uncle Joe: from Idaho. maybe he carries a sack of potatoes
  • Ray: a farmer from Iowa
  • Aunt June: the lovable aunt who likes to show it by showering with hugs and kisses, tussled hair and pinched cheeks
  • Uncle Albert: an eating machine, always looking for the next mouthful
  • Cousin Cora: one tooth blacked out. lop—sided pigtails. etc.
  • Cousin Cora’s brother: even more of a hick
  • Mom: a storybook mom who does everything just right and is always under control except when it comes to fixing Christmas dinner.
  • Julie: a sweet young girl who is a huge fan of Martha Stewart
  • 3 Santa Impostors
  • Interrogator: a private-eye type with trench coat. (could double with Narrator)
  • Donner: a reindeer who is the sidekick of the Interrogator.
  • Announcer: an old time. over—the—top sportscaster. 
  • Santa
  • Ensemble

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